Saddam Omar al-Jamal

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Name: Saddam Omar al-Jamal, or Saddam al-Rakhaita relative to his grandmother.
Title: Abu Odai Al Jamal.
Syrian nationality.
Place and date of birth: DeirEzzor  Albukmal 1978
Before the beginning of the Syrian revolution, Saddam worked as an arms and tobacco smuggler between Iraq and Syria because his birthplace was the border town of Albukmal with Iraq, in addition to his blood relationship with the Iraqis.
As a result of the Syrian revolution, he joined the ranks of the Free Army and was one of the founders of the brigade of Allah Akbar in the city of Albuqamal. He was one of the leaders of the brigades of the Prophet’s descendants. He was a contributor to control of the town of Albukamal and expelled the regime forces in 2012.he had a presence in the city, killing three of his brothers during the battles he fought against theAL- Nasra, which generated a fierce hostility between him andAL-NUSRA.
It is also worth noting that during the course of his stay in the ranks of the Free Army, he sold a number of rockets and ammunition to the regime’s forces in secret, in order to raise more funds.
At the same time, Saddam was constantly traveling to Turkish territory – Istanbul, because he was a partner in a coffee shop in the center of the state, called “Watan Cafe” in the area of Akshrai ,
The brigades of the Prophet’s descendants were among the first brigades to be attacked by the ISIS organization in its early days in the city of Deir Ezzor.
During this period and during the conflict between the brigades and the organization, the Aljamal disappeared and went to the countryside of Hasakah, where he secretly loyalty the organization ISIS, and forced many of his leaders to pledge allegiance also, and then returned to the city of Albokmal, to escape before the control of the city to the T2 With a number of its components public allegiance to ISIS organization.
Saddam al-Jamal stormed the city of Albukamal later accompanied by ISIS, and killed a large number of fighters of the Front Nasra and the Free Army,
He also carried out a number of field executions without trial for a large part of these fighters, in addition to the removal of a number of prisoners from the city of Albukmal from the prisons of the Nasra , and then kidnapped a number of them again and executed them later.
When the ISIS imposed its final control over the city of Al-Bu Kamal, al-Jamal was appointed intelligence chief in the so-called “Euphrates State” and then settled in the city to begin retaliation and arrest of those who had previously attacked him.
Gamal did not participate in the recent clashes with the regime and its allies, because of his position of intelligence intelligence in Deir Ezzor,
And the fact that the organization is keen not to endanger the security leaders during the fighting, and we have received information that the camel and during battles against the regime in the city of Albukmal, fled to the Sousse, where he continued his fight there against the SDF also in the eastern bank of the Euphrates River near the town of Shaafah,
A number of SDF elements were executed there and then “distort their bodies”.
We also received news that we could not confirm that Saddam al-Jamal was executed during these battles, officers of the Iraqi army police, after he gave them security and surrendered and handed over their weapons,
In addition to other violations carried out by the Al-jamal, such as the arrest of civilians in the middle of 2016 in the vicinity of Albukmal under the pretext of “belonging to the free army” during attempts to restore the city at the time.
The latest news, documented by the Euphrates Center staff, indicated that Saddam al-Jamal had recently fled outside the areas of influence of ISIS, accompanied by a number of close leaders and huge sums of money.
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