Mansour Turki Al-Hamdan

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Name: Mansour Turki Al-Hamdan
FROM: Mohasan city -Al-Bussaid clan
He was one of the first supporters of the ISIS terrorist organization. This was in al-Shadadi city, accompanied by the man named Khalaf al-Arif, known as Abu Hammad, both of whom announced their loyalty to organization during the period that coincided with the entry of ISIS to Deir Ezzor.
Hamdan is accused of liquidating three leaders of the Free Syrian Army during the entry of the organization and its control, namely Hassan al-Hafiz, Thaer al-Jadi and Yasser al-Mutlaq. He assumed the post of director of the real estate bureau in the city of Mohsin and the town of al-bollail
He immediately began confiscating the homes of civilians and those who had been forcibly displaced after entering ISIS, and those who had confiscated their houses, Abu Nihad al-Salama, Saddam al-Awwad al-Hamad and Ahmed Hussein al-Hamoud.
Mansur al-Hamdan was married to two women. During his tenure as director of the Real estate Bureau, he was suddenly become rich . He bought thousands of cattle worth 2,000 sheep.
The Greek authorities recently arrested him after his arrest and gave testimony confirming his involvement with the terrorist organizations,
He is currently in a Greek prison, without disclosing the final sentence, the sentence he will serve or whether he will be transferred to another state.
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