Hajji Rafe’a AlHamoud

Hajji Rafe’a AlHamoud


After searching and investigating, and gathering information and witnesses, from private sources for the “Euphrates Center Against Violence and Terrorism, within the section for tracking war criminals, The presence of an ISIS war criminal was detected in Raqqa Province eastern Syria, and now we are providing information to the concerned authorities in order to achieve justice.




Name: Hajji Rafe’a AlHamou , Place/Date of birth: Syria, Deir Ezzor province, AlQureya city in 1983, During 2011 he worked as a motorcycle driver in eastern Deir Ezzor, he was known as an “informant” for the security branches of Assad regime, accused of giving names of the FSA fighters for the regime’s checkpoints, and~then joined the ranks of Qaqaa Brigade in 2013 and fought against the Assad regime in the “artillery” battles and the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor clashes.



As ISIS approached Deir Ezzor, he joined the organization and was (the first to raise the organization’s flag in countryside) so he pledged allegiance, accompanied by Mahmoud Al-Matar and the Al-Qaqaa Brigade, and began erecting barriers on the AlMayadin – AlAshara road and checking the members of FSA, civilians, and their vehicles.


With the ISIS control over the entire province, AlRafe’a received great attention from the local and foreign leaders of the organization and entered the security corps of the organization and participated in the organization’s battles against the Al-Shaitat clan. He was also accused of liquidating civilians and stealing money, livestock and furniture from towns west of the Euphrates.


Al-Hamoud is considered the right hand of the organization’s leaders, such as Mahmoud Al-Matar, Kasir Al-Hadawi, Saddam Al-Jamal, Abu Akram Al-Qar’ani and others, as he attended all meetings in the cities of Al-Quriah and Al-Bukamal. He was also close to the official of the Sharia courses and one of the most prominent leaders of the organization in Deir ez-Zor, Abu Suhaib al-Iraqi the financial official Abu Aref Al-Iraqi and other influential figures whom accused of killing hundreds of civilians, and hundreds of others whose fate is still unknown.


During the heyday of the organization’s control, he had a major role within the security apparatus and participated in raids on the homes of civilians and former Free Army members, and participated in the “Caliphate Army,” one of the formations of ISIS, where he was a shooter of the counter weapon on the fronts of fighting against the regime and against the Free Army in areas of northern Syria. And Palmyra, and was appointed a military official on the heavy vehicles in the army of the Caliphate.






The Euphrates center against violence and Terrorism calls for war criminals to be held accountable and brought to justice, and the center also maintains private documents, and we reserve reservations on mentioning the names of witnesses to preserve their safety, with the exception of official government agencies, and we also invite you, our honorable followers, to participate and contribute to achieving justice by providing any information related to war criminals By contacting us on the E-mail or the center’s pages on social media:



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