Feryal Bacheir – Umm Khalil

Feryal Bacheir – Umm Khalil

After searching and investigating, and gathering information and witnesses, from private sources for the “Euphrates Center Against Violence and Terrorism, within the section for tracking war criminals, The presence of an ISIS war criminal was detected in the city of Tal Abyad, north of Raqqa, and now we are providing information to the concerned authorities in order to achieve justice.

Name: Feryal Bacheir – Umm Khalil, wife of Ibrahim Khalil AlAhmad, known in Tal Abyaz as “Ibrahim AlKhalu Chayir”, Her husband was a leader in ISIS in the Tal Abyad area, He Has been killed in the eastern suburb of Hama in 2018, as a result of an airstrike by the International Coalition, Feryal was part of the so-called “Hisbah” of ISIS terrorest organization in the city of Raqqa during the period of the organization’s control over the governorate.

She caused the arrest of a number of civilians after snitching and their fate was not known until the moment, also supervised the kidnapping and torture of a number of women in the city of Raqqa, her son Khalil was a fighter in the ranks of ISIS, fought in Iraq and Syria and killed in the Hassakah – Jabal Abdulaziz area due to international coalition airstrikes, before the death of his father.

After her husband and son were killed, Feryal went to Atarib area in the suburb of Aleppo and lived there for a period after the defeat of ISIS in eastern Syria, She was receiving her husband’s salary from the organization for two years, Her two daughters married to a fighters in ISIS organization, The eldest daughter married a fighter of Saudi nationality and had a child with him, And the youngest daughter married a Russian fighter and had a daughter, The youngest daughter is now in Idlib, and the eldest is married again to a member of the opposition “National Army” from Qalamoun named “Amjad” and now she lives with him in Tal Abyaz.

Feryal now lives in the AlShallal neighborhood in the city of Tal Abyaz, and most importantly of all, she is now an employee in the Civil Affairs Department of the opposition interim government.

After her return as a “civil servant”, she married a leader in “AlJabha AlShamiya” faction named “Abu Khattab”, a security leader according locals, and she began carrying out several acts of revenge against the opponents of ISIS organization, thats by approaching to leaders in the factions, and using her influence to push with all those who are hostile to her in “Jabha Shamiya” prisons.

Euphrates Center Against Violence and Terrorism calls for prosecution of war criminals. The Center also maintains special documents and take care from mentioning witnesses for their own safety.. In order to preserve the rights of the victims, we invite you to participate and contribute to this by providing any information concerning war criminals by contacting us on: ecavt.org@gmail.com

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