Muhammad Ramadan Eid Al-Musleh

Muhammad Ramadan Eid Al-Musleh

Name: Muhammad Ramadan Eid Al-Musleh
Nickname: AL-DABAA
Place and date of birth: Deir al-Zour al-Shuhail, 1/1/1991

Al-Dabaa worked at the beginning of the revolution as a soldier with the Syrian regime, and a year after the start of the revolution, he tried to defect, but he was arrested and imprisoned in Sednaya. He continued to be imprisoned for nearly two years. He was released in 2014 and returned To his hometown in the city of Shuhail
After the killing of his older brother Jamil Ramadan Al-Mosleh in Ayash warehouses while they attacked the regime’s barracks with ISIS groups, he became a tendency to ISIS.
When ISIS took control of his hometown, AL-dabaa returned, but had very strong relations with ISIS leaders in the eastern countryside and was a security official.
When the SDF took over the area, the hyena was among the first breathers to obey and gain the affection of the SDF and its leaders. DABAA joined the SDF as responsible for well security and the right arm of the Firzat was a leader in the SDF ranks and responsible for the field of AL-Omar.
dabaa is a major provider of ISIS cells as per the Euphrates Center information and certificates
And an investor for several oil wells, including Bir Al-Bassam, who pays to take oil from him to the Emir of ISIS in Syria, Abu Ward AL Iraqi directly, with the knowledge of the leaders of the SDF, and that money goes to the ISIS cells in all of Syria
Al-Dabaa was accused of crimes amounting to war crimes after the killers of several civilians working on wells. He mentioned oil well TANAK and almileh in the presence leader Farzat, to show obedience and loyalty to them.
And not long ago, two personse from Shuaitats were shot, one of whom lost memory and the other seriously injured
He also states that he is looting civilians and stealing their money and sheep in the desert, near the fields
He also states that he may be responsible for a group of masked men who threaten merchants and owners of capital with the excuse that they are affiliated with ISIS and that they must pay royalties to the organization.
Al-Dabaa was arrested during a raid by the SDF, Coalition Forces, and Military Aviation
For reasons believed to be to steal one billion Syrian pounds from oil revenues in addition to financing ISIS cells
However, he was released within a very short period of time, through means of high-level cadres and leaders, and the payment of large sums of money
He also owns a group known as the Masked, and no one knows who they are carrying out weaponry and terrorizing civilians.
Al-Dabaa is now located between the “Al-Shuhail” city and the Al-Omar oil field and its palace in the city of Hasaka.

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