Faisal AlBello

Faisal AlBello


After searching and investigating, and gathering information and witnesses, from private sources for the “Euphrates Center Against Violence and Terrorism, within the section for tracking war criminals, The presence of an ISIS war criminal was detected in south Germany, and now we are providing information to the concerned authorities in order to achieve justice.


Name: Faisal AlBello, Nick name: Abu Ahmad, Place, Date of birth: Syria, Raqqa Province, Tal Abiyaz region 1982, His mission in ISIS: One of the founding leaders of ISIS T.O in the city of Tal Abyad, north of Raqqa, one of the first pledges of allegiance to the organization from the village of Bade’a in the same area. He held many positions , He has a track record of violations and war crimes.


AlBello contributed to the establishment of the first ISIS groups in the region in mid-2013, then moved to the city of Raqqa to take over the position of prince of the clans office in 2015, While he was there, he was participated to the capture of the Jordanian pilot Moaz AlKasasbeh, and he was one of those accused of burning him, He is also accused of “field executed” against civilians from the Kurdish component, the international coalition listed him as one of the most wanted terrorists. In the year 2017, AlBello left Raqqa towards Azaz area northern Aleppo to join the opposition factions, and in 2019 participated with the “Syrian National Army” in the operation “Peace Spring” and settled and settled in Suluk town, There, he committed another violations according to witnesses’ testimonies, but the “AlJabha AlShamiya” faction arrested him in the city of Tal Abiyaz, to be released later through the mediation of Raghid AlYousef, who in turn is one of the former leaders of ISIS.


Faisal AlBello is currently moving between his headquarters (civilian houses that he seized in the town of Suluk) and the city of Tal Abiyaz north of Raqqa, and he is still working as a leader in the opposition factions in the area.


The Euphrates center against violence and Terrorism calls for war criminals to be held accountable and brought to justice, and the center also maintains private documents, and we reserve reservations on mentioning the names of witnesses to preserve their safety, with the exception of official government agencies, and we also invite you, our honorable followers, to participate and contribute to achieving justice by providing any information related to war criminals By contacting us on the E-mail or the center’s pages on social media: ecavt.org@gmail.com www.ecavt.org

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